SBRT Immobilization System

Meicen SBRT System is highly accurate, multi-functional and user-friendly for SBRT patient setups. The carbon fiber platform adaptable to any manufacturer's couchtop. The height of the belly and knee bridges can be adjusted quickly, and the bridges lock and unlock without cumbersome operations.

The system features a single size respiratory bridge adjustable to fit all patients that is constructed of carbon fiber to minimize image artifact and beam attenuation. The SBRT Immobilization System is mainly comprised of devices include a Carbon Fiber Baseplate, a Wing Board T-Grip with an accompanying Vacuum Bag, two adjustable bridges for belly and knee with compression plate and arches, two detachable cushions for knee and feet.


Product Features

Model NO.: MC-CS001
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    Patient Comfort

    Ergonomically design for patient comfort

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    Simple to form a set-up for various demand.

  • High Accurate

    Clear and acuurate scale improves reproducibility accuracy.

  • User-Friendly

    Easy and simple to handle.


Instructional Video For Meicen SBRT Positioning Solution

HD Version Link

Product & Accessories  Introduce:

  • Baseplate


    ① Length: 180 or 200cm, Width:53 cm; ②Light weight for easy handle and carry; Multiple holes for efficient index; ③MR safe.

  • Wing Board T-Grip

    Wing Board T-Grip

    ①Comprehensive adjustment; ②Combined with CF Headrest and Wing Board Cushion for better setup reproducibility and patient comfort.

  • Belly Bridge

    Belly Bridge

    ① Respiratory suppression plate can be adjusted vertically and horizontally;② High-precision scale improves reproducibility accuracy.

  • Compression Plate

    Compression Plate

    ① Delta Compression Plate + belly bridge to minimize respiratory motion; ② Ergonomic Delta Compression Plate aims for better comfort;

  • Knee Bridge

    Knee Bridge

    Choose one or two Compression Arches to mobilize patients’ thighs.

  •  Knee Compression Arches

    Knee Compression Arches

    ①Knee Compression Arches can be adjusted vertically and horizontally; ② High precision scale improves reproducibility accuracy;

  • Knee &Foot Sponge

    Knee &Foot Sponge

    ①Knee Sponge/Foot Sponge can be adjusted for different patients’ body size; ②Easy and simple to handle; ③Light weight & comfortable.

  • Wing Board Vacuum Bag

    Wing Board Vacuum Bag

    For patient comfort and better fixation.




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