L-Type mask meets combined or separate immobilization of the head, neck, shoulder and body. Less retraction after operation due to covering immobilization design.  It is available for different kinds of head. Handle is added on the edge strip for convenient operation .

The L-Type mask is compatible with Meicen A-Series of baseplate, and is compatible with the baseplate of Orfit, Klarity and other manufacturers.

Different designs of L-Type mask are provided :

  • Reinforced type: strengthen the mask at special parts to enhance the immobilization effect.
  • Open face type: It is specially designed for claustrophobia patients to improve the comfort and therapeutic effect, and can be applied to body surface guided radiotherapy technologies such as C-RAD and Vision RT

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Item NO:Products DescriptionPKG
RF-B062P-2001WTriangular Head Mask 22% perforation with nose hole, 2.4mm10/BOX
RF-B062P-2301WTriangular Head Mask Lengthened ned 3cm 22% perforation with nose hole, 2.4mm10/BOX
RF-D122P-2001WNeck&Shoulder Mask 22% perforation with nose hole, 2.4mm10/BOX
RF-D122P-3001W Neck&Shoulder Mask 22% perforation with nose hole, 3.0mm 10/BOX
RF-D133P-2001W Neck&Shoulder Mask 22% perforation, 2.4mm 10/BOX
RF-D133P-3002W Neck&Shoulder Mask 22% perforation, 3.0mm 10/BOX
RF-G186P-2001WNeck & Shoulder & Brest Mask with 22% perforation, 2.4mm10/BOX
RF-E222P-2003WHead & Neck & Shoulder Reinforced Mask with nose hole, 2.4mm10/BOX
RF-H452P-3002W-243Chest-Pelvic Mask with 22% perforation, 3.0mm, 243 clamp10/BOX

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