Meicen SBRT System

      Meicen SBRT System is highly accurate, multi-functional and user-friendly for SBRT patient setups. Meicen SBRT System includes a Carbon Fiber Baseplate, a Wing Board T-Grip with an accompanying T-Shaped Vacuum Cushion, two adjustable bridges for belly and knee with compression plate and arches, two moveable Sponges for knee and foot and a respiratory belt. The system also combined with two carbon fiber indexing bars and a headrest.


Product Features

Model NO.::MC-CS001
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    Patient Comfort

    Ergonomically design for relaxing patients

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    Simple to form a set-up for various demand.

  • High Accurate

    Clear and acuurate scale improves reproducibility accuracy.

  • User-Friendly

    Easy and simple to handle.


Product & Accessories  Introduce:

  • Baseplate


    ① Length: 183-185CM; ②Light and durable Caron Fiber Material; ③MR safe; Higly-indexable.

  • Wing Board T-Grip

    Wing Board T-Grip

    ①Comprehensive adjustment; ②Combined with CF Headrest and Wing Board Cushion for better setup reproducibility and patient comfort.

  • Belly Bridge

    Belly Bridge

    ① Respiratory suppression plate can be adjusted vertically and horizontally;② High-precision scale improves reproducibility accuracy.

  • Compression Plate

    Compression Plate

    ① Delta Compression Plate + belly bridge to minimize respiratory motion; ② Ergonomic Delta Compression Plate aims for better comfort;

  • Knee Bridge

    Knee Bridge

    Choose one or two Compression Arches to mobilize patients’ thighs.

  •  Knee Compression Arches

    Knee Compression Arches

    ①Knee Compression Arches can be adjusted vertically and horizontally; ② High precision scale improves reproducibility accuracy;

  • Knee &Foot Sponge

    Knee &Foot Sponge

    ①Knee Sponge/Foot Sponge can be adjusted for different patients’ body size; ②Easy and simple to handle; ③Light weight & comfortable.

  • Wing Board Vacuum Bag

    Wing Board Vacuum Bag

    For patient comfort and better fixation.


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